Business Reorganisation Assessment

We conducted a questionnaire on business reorganisation tools in all 38 economies where the EBRD invests


The Questionnaire officially closed on 7 November 2020. We received a total of 493 completed Questionnaires across 57 jurisdictions. Legal professionals provided the highest number of responses (in total 68%), whereas the activity of other respondent categories, such as financial or lending institutions (55 responses) or accountants (19 responses) was relatively low.


We are grateful to every respondent who invested time in answering the Questionnaire The input of every respondent is invaluable and will contribute to further understanding of business reorganisation tools available in the region, in order to identify gaps and to set out best practices in key areas of business reorganisation and restructuring that need additional support or development.


Preliminary Assessment Report published in March 2021 sets out some initial cross-economy analysis based on unvalidated data received from responses to Questionnaires from September to November 2020.


Publication of the Final Assessment Report is scheduled for September 2021.