All data from the EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment questionnaire is uploaded in anonymised form on Tableau Public: a free, interactive platform for publicly sharing and exploring data visualisations online.

Most of the visuals used in the EBRD Assessment Report were created using Tableau Public.

Tableau Public allows a user to search for data in a variety of formats using a number of preset filters as determined by the user.

In order to access the visuals and supporting data used in the EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment:

1.     Click here for the dashboard with visuals related to the Business Reorganisation questionnaire or here for the dashboard with visuals related to the NPL Survey on Non-performing Loans.

2.     The visuals can be accessed by navigating the top blue panel using a sliding bar and right-clicking on the visual of interest.

3.     The titles and legends of visuals in Tableau Public mostly replicate the titles and legends they have in the Assessment Report and are arranged in the order of their appearance in the Assessment Report to the extent possible.

4.     An explanation of the methodology can be found here. A copy of the Assessment questionnaire can be accessed here.

5.     Stakeholder perception maps ("traffic light" maps) can be accessed by scrolling towards the end of the top sliding bar.

6.      Visuals in both dashboards have a number of pre-set filters that allow a user to filter the data. The existence of different filters depends on the visual. Filters may include:

o   Country/economy (by selecting one or more economies)

o   EU or non-EU members

o   EBRD, non-EBRD or all regions

o   Geographical region (by selecting one or more regions)

o   3 or more questionnaires to only visualise the results for economies where more than three qualifying questionnaires were received

o   A minimum questionnaire completion or accuracy threshold (for the Business Assessment questionnaire only) 

An explanation of qualifying questionnaires and minimum completion or accuracy thresholds for questionnaires is found in Section II Methodology of the Assessment Report

Filters can be applied by ticking relevant boxes of the panel to the right of the screen.