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During the first week of February EBRD's Legal Transition Programme held three launch events for the January 2022 publication of EBRD's Business Reorganisation Assessment Report. These were: Day 1:  EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment: Results and Observations, available here; Day 2:  EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment: Current Trends and Reform Priorities, available here; and Day 3: EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment: Regional Perspectives and Next Steps available here.

How supportive are the insolvency frameworks across the 38 EBRD economies of operations? How far do they help businesses to survive challenging economic conditions and overcome temporary financial difficulties? To what extent do they provide confidence to international investors?

All these topics and questions were addressed at the launch events.

Further details on speakers for each of the events can be found on our homepage

The three presentations from the events are also available: from the first day here, from the second day here, and from the third day here.