The main EBRD Assessment Report provides a comprehensive cross-jurisdictional analysis of business reorganisation tools and stakeholders' perceptions on business reorganisation in 38 emerging economies that are part of the EBRD regions, while exploring recent insolvency trends and practices in more advanced markets such as France, Germany, England and Wales, and the United States. 

The report evaluates the available business reorganisation tools against the flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency of economies' national insolvency systems and, ultimately, the opportunities that they provide for businesses to restructure their finances and operations. 

Data behind the main EBRD Assessment Report was uploaded from the EBRD Business Reorganisation Assessment questionnaire in anonymised form on Tableau Public: a free, interactive platform for publicly sharing and exploring data visualisations online. In order to access the data click here for the dashboard related to the Business Reorganisation questionnaire or here for the dashboard related to the NPL Survey on Non-performing Loans. The Guide to EBRD Business Reorganisation Data and Visuals can be found here.

The report is interactive and is designed to be viewed online. Economy Profiles provide more in-depth information on the framework for business reorganisation in insolvency systems across the EBRD regions.